The New It-Girl French Manicure (Bonus: It’s Mistake-Proof)

Getty Images for JINsoon

For Fall 2015, Tibi drew inspiration from the Inuits, a culture that knows a thing or two about cold-weather dressing, so nail artist Jin Soon Choi created a simple yet sophisticated “snow-tipped” look to evoke the Arctic landscape. The best part? The neutral palette goes with just about everything meaning you don’t have to wait until fall to try it out.

To get the look just brush two coats of a nude polish on top of a base coat. Once the polish has dried, paint curved lines in a lighter color along the tips. Finish with a top coat. Don’t worry about precision—this is a mistake-proof manicure! The technique is ultra versatile so if you’re feeling bold try layering contrasting colors for a whole new take.

Getty Images for JINsoon

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