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Milky Pink Nails Are The Dreamiest Minimal Manicure For Fall

Hands down, the prettiest nails.

by Natasha Marsh
pink nails

This autumn, classic nail designs are taking over social media with Black French tips and Hailey Bieber-inspired milky white nails leading the pack. And like most beauty trends, the best nail inspiration can be found on Instagram. The manicurists and beauty experts on the platform turn out more weekly creativity for the nail obsessed to play with than you can ever see in just one scroll session. And many of the celebrity manicurist accounts even share the products and colors they used, as well as tips to maintain a salon-fresh manicure all week and season long.

Whether you find it to be a fun challenge to recreate your favorite nail inspiration at home or to use bits and pieces from multiple manicures to form your own statement making nails, there is plenty of new and exciting designs to discover this season. And because finding your next go-to color or design is no easy feat, ahead, TZR has curated an assortment of 10 manicures that caught our eyes this week. Some utilize unexpected color combinations and accents, while others take a more clean-girl approach with muted colors and emphasis on nail health. Regardless of your style, we can guarantee that your next favorite manicure is closer than ever.

Seasonal Glaze

“Hailey Bieber might have crowned the famous glazed donut nails that feature creamy white nail base with a shiny salon finish, but the amount of iterations that have come out of it have an option for everyone. These almond sculpted nails look majestic in the clean and chic glazed style. As they are more of a sheer color, they work great for all seasons and occasions.” —Natasha Marsh, beauty features writer, TZR

Modern Negative Space

“I’m a sucker for dainty design work and these colorful hearts are making me happy. I also love the use of negative space here that allow the small hearts to really shine.” —NM

Chrome Tips

Chrome nails are already dominating the fall trend cycle, but I prefer a more subtle approach with these oval silvery tips. I don’t see French tip mania going anywhere anytime soon, so I’ll happily wear this look all the way until winter.” — Hannah Baxter, deputy beauty editor, TZR

Milky White & Black Tips

“All the elegance of a milky white nail combined with an edgy black micro French tip is everything I’m craving in a manicure now that the weather is turning cooler.” — HB

Crushed Velvet Nails

“This optical illusion mani is equal parts cozy and glam for fall — what could be better?” — Catherine Santino, beauty news writer, TZR

Glossy French Tips

“I love manicures that play around with finish and texture as opposed to color; it’s so unique and eye catching. The gloss French tips on this matte chocolate base is so satisfying to look at.” — Annie Blay, associate beauty news editor

Ultra Minimal Nail Art

“Usually, I love a more-is-more approach to things like nail art but there’s quiet power in minimalism. This manicure is as delicate and simple as they come but the combination of geometric lines and dots is one you can’t help but stare at.” — Amanda Ross, beauty news writer, TZR

Natural Nudes

“As I try to grow out my own natural nails, I’m totally transfixed by the sophistication of well-kept nail beds. This milky soft pink is nude enough for every day but adds a protective layer and fresh sheen that bare nails alone can’t do. This photo is my new ultimate nail-spiration.” — AR

Maximalist Chrome Nails

“Chrome nails are maximalist on their own, and this creator brought them to the next level by adding bold textural details.” — Maggie Haddad, senior social media strategist, TZR

Smiley Stars

“I keep my nails on the shorter side, so I always appreciate when nail art can work on any nail shape or length. These smiley stars are just so happy, I love the color combinations that this artist chose.” — MH