The Best Eye Shadow Palettes For Your Eye Color According To A Makeup Artist

If anyone knows a thing or two about color theory and how to make your peepers pop, it’s a makeup artist. No surprise there. So to help us narrow down the eye shadow palettes that’ll best accentuate the windows to your soul, we called an expert on the topic. Here, Honey ArtistsSuzy Gerstein breaks down the optimal shades by eye color.


The Eyes Have It

For Blue Eyes

"Burnt oranges, golds and warm, sunset colors are the perfect shades for baby blues. I love the Tom Ford Cognac Sable eye shadow palette. I'll often apply the shimmering bronze shade with a damp brush for extra impact."

For Brown Eyes

"Shimmering peach, taupe, silver and indigo shades reflect light into brown eyes and play against the richness of the iris. The sky is really the limit, but avoid matte coffee colors and muddy neutrals—they do very little to bring out the twinkle in dark eyes. I love all the shades in this NARS shadow palette. Apply them dry, over the NARS primer, for a subtle finish, or damp for a shimmery, intense effect."

For Hazel Eyes

"Shades of ocean blue grounded in neutral charcoal really enhance the warm copper in hazel eyes. I love using this palette from Chanel on girls with this color."

For Green Eyes

"Rich burgundy shades electrify green eyes. When trying to enhance your natural eye color, it's helpful to think in terms of opposites attracting. In this case, red and green are opposites on the color wheel, which means they complement each other and bring out the special shades in your irises."