8 Questions With Victoria’s Secret Angel Stella Maxwell

Courtesy of Victoria's Secret

Get To Know Stella

Stella Maxwell is one of the biggest names in the modeling world at the moment. She's pictured in an endless amount of campaigns, walks the most coveted runways and has scored herself a pair of Victoria's Secret Angel wings as well as casual invites to events such as the Met Gala. When we were given the opportunity to chat with Stella about her new VS campaign for the fragrance Wicked, we jumped at the chance. Here's what she had to say about self-confidence, beauty and more.


The Zoe Report: You've just been named the face of Victoria’s Secret Wicked fragrance. Can you tell us what you like about Wicked and what you look for in a fragrance?

Stella Maxwell: When looking for a fragrance, I look for something sensual, sassy and unexpected. Wicked is perfect because it fits all of those categories. I like how it has an edgier side.


TZR: When shooting for Victoria's Secret, you often travel to different locations. Do you ever switch up your beauty routine depending on what environment you're in?

SM: Of course. My consistent routine is always staying hydrated and getting rest. If I am in a humid climate, I tend to use dry shampoos or a leave-in conditioner during the day and sometimes change the essential oils I use. In colder climates, I of course try to keep my skin fresh by using oils or creams and, of course, drinking a lot of water. I also like to keep a fragrance roller with me when I'm traveling—Wicked is my new go-to!


TZR: You have the opportunity to work with some of the most talented makeup artists in the business and revealed that you also enjoy doing your own makeup pretty often. Are there any tricks you've learned from the pros?

SM: The one lesson I have learned is to always carry your own brushes and go-to essentials in your bag. They are my safety net. As far as tricks, keep it light and lovely.


TZR: As a woman in the spotlight, is there anything that has helped you overcome any insecurities you do have?

SM: The trick is being real with yourself. We are all beautiful in our own individual ways. I always remind myself of that.


TZR: What's the craziest beauty treatment you've ever received?

SM: There is nothing better than a wonderful sauna or bath house. Hot to cold is heaven for the body.


TZR: Are there any beauty trends that you absolutely won't try? Are there any that you're currently dying to experiment with?

SM: I can't say I really know what the trends are or that I am really dying to experiment. For me, staying fresh and real is key.


TZR: Is there any advice you wish you could've been given before your modeling career took off?

SM: I have had pretty good guidance along the way, so nothing really comes to mind. But if I was to give a young model advice I would just say be true to yourself.


TZR: Where do you see your modeling career going next, and is there anything else you'd love to accomplish?

SM: I have learned to not have expectations. Of course I have expectations of myself, and that is to say focused, work hard, be kind and show respect. From others, I really don't have expectations. I am so thankful for everything that has happened thus far. As far as accomplishing more, there is so much I want to do in life, like working with charities and having a family. For now, I am focused on modeling and acting and whatever else comes my way organically.