The UK’s Fastest-Selling Makeup Brand Is Finally Available In The US


Makeup lovers are no strangers to the UK-based brand Sleek Makeup. Every in-the-know beauty guru follows them on social media, and the budget-friendly prices have us chomping at the bit to get our hands on the products. Sleek Makeup also happens to be the fastest-selling makeup brand in the UK, and finally Ulta hopped on the bandwagon here in the US. There’s a good amount of the Sleek Makeup products available now on, including contour kits, highlighters, blush and several eye-shadow palettes. Currently, none of the products on Ulta’s site are over $16, which makes for some very wallet-friendly browsing. Here we’ve shared five of our favorites that you can snag right now.


Corrector and Concealer Palette


Sleek Makeup

Online Only Cream Contour Kit


Precious Charms Highlighting Palette


Sleek Makeup

Rekindling Blush by 3 Blush Palette


Sleek Makeup

Under a Spell Eyeshadow Palette


Sleek Makeup