This Strange Makeup Applicator Is Breaking The Internet

When it comes to makeup application tools, most of us stick to traditional sponges or brushes. However, the Makeup Addiction community on Reddit may have discovered the next big game-changer in foundation applicators. User Crooks132 posted a thread inquiring about an under-the-radar product named SiliSponge, and commenters were quick to react.

In the photo posted on the thread, a product shot from Hong Kong-based retailer Molly Cosmetics features a clear sponge that resembles a jelly-like pad. Judging by the name, it’s assumed this is a silicone-based makeup sponge, although the retailer’s website doesn’t provide much detail. The sponge looks relatively easy to clean in comparison to its alternatives because it wouldn’t absorb as much product.

Molly Cosmetics

Unfortunately for curious beauty buffs, SiliSponge is currently on backorder, but hopefully will be readily available soon. It also retails for $9, making it a lot more affordable than many other sponges and brushes on the market. To see how the product works in action, you can watch a series of video tutorials from Molly Cosmetics here.