Sephora’s Best-Selling Eyebrow Product Is Back And Better Than Ever

Kelly Taub/BFA.com

Big Brow Theory

Last October, beauty aficionados suffered serious separation anxiety from a cult-favorite product being pulled from beauty shelves across the country. Benefit's extremely popular Gimme Brow eyebrow gel was voluntarily recalled by the company for cautionary reasons. An official statement from Benefit read: "Benefit Cosmetics is committed to the highest levels of quality and doing what’s right for our customers. Out of an abundance of caution, we have initiated a voluntary recall of our Gimme Brow product after discovering that certain batches of the product did not meet our stringent quality standards."

While the brow fave was not discontinued, it was off the shelves and websites of participating retailers for quite some time and, boy, did we feel the pain. For years the product had been a best-seller and all-time favorite of consumers, influencers and makeup artists for all of its eyebrow-filling and taming glory. Thankfully, we learned that Benefit has relaunched the beauty gem, and it's just as good, if not better, than before.

We're sure you're wondering what's different about the already popular formula and, honestly—and thankfully—there really isn't anything new besides a slight change in the product name (which has a plus sign included now to remind fans that this is a volumizing product). Don't worry, after giving it a test run we can assure you that the fibers and tint have the same brow-filling and taming powers as before. And if you're one of the many that have been not-so-patiently awaiting the return of this cult fave, the new formula is on sale on the Sephora site and in stores now. Rejoice!