This Is The Most Popular Makeup Trend Right Now, According To Pinterest

Typically, for a makeup trend to go viral, it needs to be bold, bright and a bit out there. That’s why this summer’s beauty sensation took us by surprise—it’s totally low-key. Our friends at Pinterest recently shared that users can’t stop searching and saving pins of faux freckles. Yep, those barely there dots people usually try to cover up. Nowadays, they’re showing up on everyone, even those with freckle-free complexions. Selena Gomez most recently rocked the trend in her new music video for “Fetish” (her makeup artist drew them on with an eye pencil). Other It girls, including Emily Ratajkowski and Kendall Jenner, have also played around with them, while naturally freckle-faced Kylie Jenner and Elsa Hosk have chosen to embrace their own on several occasions. Take a look at how some of our fave celebs have jumped on the trend, and get inspired to show your spots.


Emily Ratajkowski


Bella Hadid


Kendall Jenner


Elsa Hosk


Kylie Jenner