Beautiful Beginnings

by The Zoe Report

Seeing that beauty is only skin deep, we go to great strides to take good care of our dear dermis. Paving the way to a glowing complexion, the makeup-label-we-can’t-live-without, NARS, has expanded to include a brand new skincare collection: NARSskin!

So brace your faces, ladies! The 10-product assortment just launched yesterday and is ready for you to reap. Encompassing everything from a brightening serum to hydrating toner and replenishing eye cream, the debut line promises to meet all of your personal skin needs—and then some. Not to rub it in, but we’ve tried all of the goodies for ourselves, and the results have been major. With no better way to achieve a smooth foundation for which to apply your makeup, waste no time to clear out your beauty cabinet to make room for NARSskin!

Availability: NARSskin Collection ($29-$72, available now exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue and on Narscosmetics.com, starting August 15th). For additional information, visit Narscosmetics.com.

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