This State Spends The Most On Lipstick In The US

Every once in a while, a new study reveals shocking facts and statistics about the beauty world. SkinStore surveyed 3,000 women ages 16 to 75 from different parts of the country on their daily beauty routines, and apart from finding that women spend up to $300,000 on face products in their lifetime (!), the study proved which states are wearing the most (and least) expensive faces.

We found the statistics of shopping for lipstick to be one of the most surprising revelations of the survey, and there’s one state in particular spends a lot more money on lipstick when compared to the rest: Delaware nabbed the top spot by spending at least $30 on lipstick annually—suggesting that the state prefers a more glamorous look. While we won’t spill the details on each and every category of this interesting study, you can read a full breakdown here.