This New Drugstore Mascara Is Bound To Sell Out


While Maybelline's Great Lash has long been a cult favorite drugstore find (seriously, our mothers and grandmothers love it as much as we do), we're really excited about the brand's latest mascara debut at New York Fashion Week. Backstage at Public School, Maybelline's lead makeup artist, Grace Lee, was spotted touching up models with a tube called Total Temptation, set to launch early next year.


So what exactly makes this mascara so special? Well, it allegedly takes only one coat to get the job done. It's also said to be formulated with coconut oil, which is healing for lashes and safe for eyes. And it smells like coconuts? We're sold. Oh, of course we can't forget it'll be 100% affordable. The photos from the show are proof it works, but the only downside is we have to wait until January to get our hands on it. Patience really is a virtue.

Lindsay Schallon at Glamour

Glamour 's senior digital beauty editor Lindsay Schallon captured the mascara backstage at the show.