The Makeup Must-Haves For Every Age Group

As much as love all things beauty, certain products simply do not stand the test of time. Those beloved hues and formulas that were close to our hearts in our twenties don't always have a place in our vanities ten or 20 years later. As we get older, our collections will inevitably change, but it's all in our best interest. To guide you a bit, we've compiled a list of the products you should have in every stage of life. Once you get your hands on these, you won't have to worry about your beauty game not being up to par.

Throughout your twenties, the primary focus should be embracing your youthful skin. Rather than packing on a ton of makeup every day, stick to the next-to-nothing approach. A fresh face with hydrated, glossy lips and widened eyes is all you need. Don't worry about finding your perfect go-to eyeliner just yet—and skip the heavy concealers.

Once you reach your thirties, things begin to change a little. You may notice more signs of fatigue such as dark circles and subtle crows feet. Your complexion may also look a little duller than it did the previous decade. Your thirties are the time to focus on brightening the skin with illuminating concealers and powders. It's also a great time to invest in high-quality makeup brushes that will last you longer. To further upkeep the radiance of your skin, spritz on a face mist throughout the day to appear more youthful. Also keep an eyeliner, bronzer, blush and highlighter handy.

During your forties, you'll want to start straying away from wearing a lot of powder formulas. Because of fine lines, powders will only accentuate those lines instead of doing them justice. But still, don't avoid powders altogether. Try a liquid highlighting formula to illuminate your high points, followed by a light dusting of brightening powder. Choose a foundation with solid coverage and creamy texture that will leave your face dewy. Your forties are also the time to focus on your eyebrows, as they can become sparse and thin.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate in your fifties. Your skin may expereience increased dryness, so it's important to start with a rich base. CC cream formulas are also put to better use during this age period, versus regular foundation. Look for lifting and firming formulas and stick to cream blush instead of powder. Using mascara in your fifties is extra important as your eyes can begin to look smaller.

You don't have to stray away from your favorite products, just because you've hit your sixties or beyond. You can still wear your foundation, blush and lipstick every single day, but the formulas should change. Again, this is an important time to focus on moisture and retention. Also be sure to curl your lashes to keep your eyes looking bright and awake.