The Latest Viral Beauty Trend Takes Contouring Too Far

If you’ve watched an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians lately, you’ve seen just how deep our obsession with contouring has become. A new viral Instagram tutorial is taking the trend even further, however, by demonstrating a technique for contouring your neck so as to create “slimmer, graceful looking updos.”

We’re not one to judge personal beauty preferences—everyone has a different level of interest in terms of how much effort they put into creating a look for themselves—but this feels like it could be the moment the contouring trend tipped toward ridiculousness or, as they say, “jumped the shark.” The video went viral after Dubai-based blogger Huda Beauty re-posted it, but is seems she’s since removed the neck contouring content after receiving negative comments. The original post’s comments remain, however, and it appears they’re mostly in agreement with our sentiments on this trend.

If nothing else, this tutorial makes us feel exhausted thinking about the seemingly endless number of body parts we might be overlooking on the daily. We never even thought to worry about the back of our necks, so there’s no telling what other beauty “problem” we’ll be offered a solution for next. We love you, beauty bloggers, but you’re starting to give us anxiety. Some parts of the body are best left au naturel, and we have to admit to feeling like the back of the neck is among them.