Why CoverGirl’s Newest Ambassador Appointment Is Groundbreaking

If you’re not familiar with Instagram beauty sensation James Charles, you’re about to see him everywhere. James broke the Internet a few months ago with his yearbook photo, after actress-musician Zendaya took notice of how radiant his highlighter looked thanks to a ring light he brought to the shoot. Ever since, his followers have increased tremendously and he’s gained recognition for his makeup skills and tutorials alike. James’ beauty empire has grown to include a successful YouTube channel and, now, the beauty deal of a lifetime.

Today, CoverGirl announced via Instagram that James is a new face of the brand, and also the first-ever Cover Boy. He now joins the ranks of fellow CoverGirls Zendaya (his original number-one fan) and Katy Perry. James is basically living every 17-year-old beauty junkie’s dream, and for an aspiring makeup artist, we’d say he’s doing pretty well.

You can expect to see him looking flawless on your television screens and at your nearest drugstore very soon.