How To Nail A Winter Smoky Eye Á La Olivia Palermo

A fresh spin on a classic look never fails to cheer us up, even on those truly frigid days that call for the trusty parka. But when we’re coveting a makeup look requisite of powder products aplenty, maintaining moisturized skin can prove difficult through harsh winter weather. The solution? Hydrating makeup to save the day, and in particular for emulating a daytime smoky eye à la Olivia Palermo that we can’t get over. From moisture-rich eye treatments to crème-based formulas, our tips and tricks ahead for mastering this smoldering look all while keeping flakey, dry skin at bay.

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Total Smoke Show

Step 1

To begin, dab on a richly moisturizing eye cream to prep the delicate skin around the eye area. This formula with Avocado Oil is ultra nourishing and won't migrate into eyes.

Step 2

Use a brush or your index finger to gently pat on a hydrating concealer in a semi-circle pattern beneath your eyes. This creamy emulsion stick uses Super Bio-Hyaluronic Acid to ensure full coverage while maintaining skin’s moisture.

Step 3

Sweep a rosy crème eyeshadow all over the lid. This lightweight version creates a lustrous finish while hydrating skin with Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE.

Step 4

Finish by lining the upper and lower rims with a charcoal-grey liner and smudging slightly all around the eye to create a smoky effect. This silky liner glides on easily and does not retract which avoids exposing the formula to air, which is drying.

Step 5

All that’s left is a touch of subtle bronzer (this one contains vitamin-rich Buriti oil) a lush balm to prep your pout (we love this primer with Vitamin E) and a swipe of soft pink lipstick (this LiquiSilk formula seals in color and softens lips) and voilà! You've mastered a winter smoky eye that can withstand the elements.