5 Hacks To Make Your Makeup Last All Day

As festival season officially kicks off and warm summer days loom on the horizon, we’re on the hunt for tricks to prevent our makeup from melting as the temperatures rise. Instead of fussing with multiple products, streamline your routine with these five steps for a sweat-proof look that lasts all day.


Makeup That Won't Budge

Step 1

Apply a silicone-based primer before your foundation for a flawless and long-lasting base.

Step 2

Instead of a matte foundation, which can end up caking in the heat, choose a hydrating formula to keep your skin dewy and fresh. No one will know when you break a sweat.

Step 3

Skip waxy lipsticks and go with a long-lasting stain for an easy wash of color. A dab on the cheeks will give you a natural-looking flush that stays put.

Step 4

Choose an eyeshadow pencil that contains wax—it'll resist sweat and stay where it's supposed to.

Step 5

Don't you wish your favorite mascara was waterproof? With this clear topcoat, it can be. Thanks to a silicone and wax formula, you can avoid raccoon eyes without sacrificing the length and thickness you love.