The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Summer Beauty Trends

by Stephanie Montes
Matteo Valle

If you consider yourself to be a lazy girl (no judgment, we’re right there with you), switching up your look every time the weather changes can seem exhausting rather than exhilarating. But if there’s one season in which you need to step up your beauty game, it’s summer. Anything goes, so this is the time to experiment with bold trends. With you in mind, we’re making it easier than ever to keep your hair and makeup in the moment, even if you don’t have a ton of time or energy to invest. Here’s your guide to looking amazing with minimal effort.


Minimal Effort, Maximum Payoff


The Wet Look

We know you've been guilty of leaving the house with wet hair, and the good news is it's finally a trend. All you need is a product to slick it back and add tons of shine. So whether you go for a topknot or a ponytail, you'll be chic and sleek, never sloppy.



Metallic makeup is everywhere this season and pulling it off can be surprisingly simple. Our favorite lazy-girl trick is to wear double-duty liquid lipstick. Apply to your pout as usual, then dab onto your lids with your finger for a monochromatic finish.


Hair Jewelry

Headbands, barrettes and clips are making a comeback this season—and they're the ultimate lazy-girl savior. The next time your dirty hair just won't work with you, slide on a fancy headband and call it a day.


Poppy Pouts

Our favorite last-minute trick for pulling it together is bold lipstick. It takes only seconds and totally transforms your look. And the best part is you can skip eye shadow, eyeliner and even blush to make your bright pout the focus.


Natural Texture

Texture is everything this season, and working with what you've got is your best approach. Let hair air-dry, then add texturizing spray for even more body. Done and done.