We Can’t Believe These Luxe-Looking Beauty Products Are Only $6

by Stephanie Montes

ColourPop has been on a roll lately. On the heels of launching its first-ever 12-shade eye-shadow palette for $16, the brand is back with another affordable launch and it’s so good. The limited-edition Crushed Crystal Collection features Crystal Priming and Setting Sprays, Crystal Lip Balms and Crystal Liquid Highlighters, all infused with real crushed crystals (be still our hearts!). And now for the most surprising detail of all: None of the products will run you over $6. The collection will be available on ColourPop.com beginning June 28, and we anticipate the items going fast. Click through for a closer look at the precious-looking line.

Courtesy of ColourPop Cosmetics

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is known to attract all things love, including self-love. The products are also packed with apple extract to boost hydration on the skin, grapefruit extract to feed the skin with antioxidants and olive oil for a dewy finish.

Courtesy of ColourPop Cosmetics


Amethyst is known to enhance inner wisdom and strength. Additionally, this collection is infused with pomegranate and orange flower extract. This combination can help improve the appearance of wrinkles and give an instant lift to the face.

Courtesy of ColourPop Cosmetics


Aquamarine is known to evoke calming effects reminiscent of the sea. In keeping with the ocean theme, natural red algae extract, rich in minerals, helps improve skin suppleness and hydration.

Courtesy of ColourPop Cosmetics


Aventurine is known to bring prosperity and good luck. This collection is also packed with cucumber water, a natural remedy against swollen, tired skin, and lemon extract, a natural source of vitamin C that fights free radicals on the skin.