This Under-The-Radar Concealer Works Like Actual Magic

Finding a great concealer can get stressful, and also break the bank. Rather than dig a hole in your wallet to test which formulas and finishes work for your skin concerns, try a cult-favorite that may just solve all of your woes. As we’ve mentioned several times before, Amazon has evolved into a mecca for all things beauty, and the e-tailer is bringing many previously under-the-radar products to light.

Fashionista just ran a report of the top concealers available on Amazon, and of course, we were all ears. The list included popular options that we here at TZR have already tried, but there was one unfamiliar option on the list. Boo-Boo Cover Up is a low-key brand that solely sells concealers. It also isn’t just any concealer: This one is meant to be used on both your face and your body to cover anything and everything that creeps up on the surface. Not only does it cover imperfections, it also helps heal them at the same time. The formula includes aloe vera, vitamin E, chamomile, green tea and tea tree oil, which all work together to help soothe and repair any affected areas. Sure, we all normally dab concealer above an unexpected blemish, but at the same, we worry about clogging up our pores—not anymore.

Fans of the magical tube have reviewed it nearly 200 times, and the comments section raves with claims that it really can cover just about anything. You can buy the Boo-Boo Cover Up Concealer here for $20.