These Are The Best Eye-Shadow Palettes For Your Eye Color

by Stephanie Montes
Ivan Lattuada

If your eyes have been lacking a certain something lately, it’s nothing you can’t fix with a swipe of shadow. Although any shade at all is better than none, the right hues for your eye color are what you need to make your peepers pop. Whether you’re a brown-eyed beauty or a blue-eyed babe, these are the best palettes for you (along with a little lesson in color theory).


Peepers That Pop

For Brown Eyes

Brown eyes tend to have an orange tint in them. Playing up those bright, warm tones is your ticket to giving your irises an extra twinkle. Since blue is the complementary color to orange, using these cool hues on your lids will give you a little oomph with minimal effort. Even swapping the black shadows in your stash for a rich navy shade will be subtle, but make an impact.

For Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes have their own color palette within—greens, browns, yellows—so you have the most complementary colors in your favor. Accentuate greens with burgundy shades; complement copper hues with blue shadows; and play up golden flecks in your eyes with purple tones. Also, matching the emerald in your eyes to a similar shade can be super-flattering.

For Blue Eyes

No matter where your baby blues fall on the spectrum, burnt oranges, golds and warm, sunset colors are the perfect shades to make your eyes stand out.

For Green Eyes

Rich ruby and garnet gemstone colors are the perfect matches for green eyes. In this case, red and green fall opposite each other on the color wheel, which means they serve as the best complements to each other and bring out dimension in your irises.