If Your Beautyblender Leaks Pink Dye, You’re Not Alone

by Allure

After one Reddit user spotted that the original Beautyblender leaks pink dye, the Internet was abuzz. It’s especially notable news considering that makeup blenders are having a major moment: The shapes! The colors! The innovative materials! The glitter! And in spite of the cluttered market, the original pink Beautyblender sponge still has a die-hard following. Which is why the freaky leaky news made headlines.

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According to a report by Refinery29, Reddit user callmekohai posted an alarming quandary on the Makeup Addiction page after buying her first Beautyblender. “The very first time I washed it, before I had ever used it, it leaked a ridiculous amount of pink dye,” she wrote. “This was obviously very horrifying to me… I’m honestly really freaked out and refused to use it. Is this normal?”

Actually, it is normal. In the product description, Beautyblender says the leaky color is normal and “will disappear after you have cleansed the product several times.” More importantly, the dye is water-soluble and environmentally friendly, and isn’t going to make you look like you’ve just gone overboard with the blush. So if your Beautyblender Original makeup sponge leaks and you want to toss it in the trash bin, know the leaky dye isn’t a defect or a reason for alarm.

If you’re worried about skin sensitivity because your Beautyblender leaks pink dye, you have three options. First, you can give your pink blender a few baths before you use it to rinse out that excess dye—two or three good latherings two to three times should do the trick. If you’re still wary, go for the black or white blender, which doesn’t use the same dye. Still unconvinced? Just switch to one of the fun silicone versions like the SiliSponge, or do up your own DIY version.

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