These Products Save So Much Time When You’re Running Late

by Stephanie Montes

Mornings are the worst. If you’re anything like us, you hit snooze so many times you lose count, then roll out of bed just in time to shower, swipe on some mascara and throw your wet hair into a topknot. Since we love our sleep, we’ve rounded up the best double-duty beauty products that save time when you’re trying to get out the door. So go ahead, 10 more minutes.

Our One-And-Dones

If Your Brows Are Unruly

Tweeze messy brows, fill in arches and highlight your brow bone without having to switch products.

If You Have Chipped Polish

Tote these wipes in your bag to remove chipped nail polish on the go.

If Your Skin Is Freaking Out

Sweep on foundation for even coverage, then give problem areas a second go to really conceal.

If Your Hair Is Haywire

Bad hair day? Run a heated brush through it. Straighten and detangle at once.

If Your Roots Are Heinous

Just noticed your roots? Cover them in seconds.

If Your Complexion Is Dull

Conceal with one side and highlight with the other for perfectly glowing skin.

If Your Hair Is Dirty

Shampoo and condition in a single step and get a move on quickly with fresh clean hair.

If Your Eyes Need Definition

Master the smoky eye in seconds. Apply liner along the upper and lower lash lines, then flip to the brush side and smudge.

If Your Face Needs A Pick-Me-Up

There's always time for contour thanks to this dual-sided crayon.

If You're Getting Ready En Route

Cut the clutter in your makeup bag with these double-ended brushes. They're perfect on the go.

If You're Lazy With Sunscreen

Stop making excuses for not protecting your skin. This genius SPF bottle even has your lips covered.

If You Need To Look Polished

A full face in the palm of your hand. Enough said.

If You Woke Up Somewhere Else

Moisturize skin with one side, then prime and blur imperfections with the other. Done and done.