12 Common Makeup Mistakes You Should Quit Now

Whether you consider yourself a pro or novice in the makeup department, there are certain bad habits everyone has picked up along the way. Thankfully, it only takes a few simple tweaks to better realize your product’s full potential. Ahead, see which mistakes you’re guilty of and how to avoid them.

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Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

Your Under-Eye Concealer Is Too Light

Contrary to popular belief your under-eye concealer shouldn't be lighter than your foundation as it can highlight your dark circles instead of concealing them.

You're Not Applying Foundation On The Lips

Foundation on the lips can also act as a primer—creating a clean canvas for the lip product's true color and increasing its longevity and vibrancy.

You're Powdering Your Whole Face

Apply finishing powder strategically on the T-zone or where oil tends to develop throughout the day. Powdering your entire face—including dry patches—can cause your makeup to look cakey. Tip: opt for a translucent loose powder, which is lighter and more absorbent than its pressed counterpart.

You're Lining The Entire Rim Of The Lash Line

When lining the bottom and top lash line, only line the outer 2/3. Enclosing the entire rim only makes your eyes look smaller. Tip: add a shimmery champagne color in the corners to further enhance them.

You're Pumping Your Mascara Tube

We are often convinced that pumping the tube allows us to get more product, but it actually beats the purpose. This pushes air and bacteria (eek!) into the mascara causing it to dry out, clump and flake. Instead, move the brush in circular motions as you take it out from the tube.

You're Curling Your Lashes Wrong

Always curl your lashes before applying any eye product, especially not after mascara, which can cause your lashes to flake. Tip: We recommend curling and lifting the tool upwards for optimal bend.

You're Applying Blush On The Apples Of The Cheeks

Tapping blush directly on the apples of your cheeks can make you look flushed and red. Avoid the clown look by swiping it along the upper hollows of the cheeks for a natural hint of color.

You're Contouring Too Much

Always start from the ear and stop at mid-cheek under the cheekbone to create a natural contour. Blend towards your upper hairline to draw the eyes up.

You're Only Lining The Edge Of Your Lips

In addition to lining the rim you should also fill in the entire lip to ensure your lipstick stays put all day.

You're Not Dampening Your Makeup Sponge

If you're a beauty junkie we don't need to tell you twice, but for those of you who are still using your makeup sponge dry: dampening the sponge makes blending a breeze. It will change your life, we swear.

You're Not Brushing Out Your Brows

After filling in your brows don't forget to brush them out with a spoolie to blend harsh lines for a natural finish. Nobody wants sharply drawn arches.

You're Not Blending Concealer Correctly

If you have a blemish make sure to dab the concealer around the zit (not just on top of it) to help blend seamlessly.