Makeup Mistakes You’re Probably Guilty Of and How To Avoid Them

by Stephanie Montes

Are you guilty of committing makeup crimes? Our guess is the answer is probably yes. Not to worry. We have advice on how to avoid some of the most common beauty blunders—we’re talking everything from eyeliner that makes you look tired to blush shades that make you look like a Las Vegas showgirl (which is fine, but only if you’re a Las Vegas showgirl). Get our tips for improving your overall beauty game, and shop our favorite products that practically do the work for you.

6 Ways To Foolproof Your Makeup Plan

Photo: Courtesy of NARS


One of the first mistakes you might be making happens before you even put your makeup on. Always, always start with a thin layer of primer on the skin. Not only does this keep your makeup from wearing off, it also fills in any fine lines your foundation may settle into.


Sure, we all try every possible way to hide our dark circles but a too-light concealer is not the answer. Doing this makes your makeup look caked on and even creates the illusion of under-eye bags. Instead, try applying a pink-toned concealer before you put on foundation.


We’ve all been guilty at one time or another of choosing the wrong foundation shade. If you test colors on your wrist while standing in the drugstore aisle, you’re doing it all wrong. Test a swatch on a clean face and make sure to look at it in natural light to determine the best option for you.


A stroke of eyeliner can transform the entire look of your eye (both shape and size). That means if done incorrectly, it can make your eyes look small and tired. A thick, black eyeliner on the lower waterline weighs down the eye and may end up making you look like a raccoon. For day, try replacing your black pencil with a nude one so that eyes pop and look wide-awake.


Back in the day, blush shades were bright and sparkly. File that under things better left in the past. Cool colors and bright pinks look costumey and unnatural. Get a youthful, healthy flush by applying a warm-toned blush on the apples of your cheeks and blending it out toward the temples.


We are constantly on the go and rarely take the extra few seconds necessary to make our makeup look flawless. Case in point: applying lipstick without lining the mouth first. Skipping a lip liner can make your pout look straight and lifeless and causes lipstick to feather at the edges. Make sure to get a crisp look by lining all the way around the lips, emphasizing the Cupid’s bow.