Makeup Brushes Guide: What You Need Now

by Stephanie Montes

In the dizzying world of makeup brushes, it can be confusing to identify what’s necessary and what isn’t to achieve the looks you want. We’ve found the 5 brushes you actually need to own, and we break down how to use them. From fan brushes to blending ones and everything in between, this assortment will have you covered.

Our guide to the only makeup brushes you'll ever need—no matter what beauty look you're going for!

Concealer Brush

A small, flat concealer brush is essential to your tool set. Choose one with a small head for the best control when covering blemishes and concealing the areas around the nose and under the eyes.

Foundation Brush

When applying foundation, use a brush with a flat top to create an airbrushed finish. Flat tops are best for blending liquid foundations because they don't leave streaks.

Blending Brush

This may not look like your typical makeup brush but it does wonders for blending and applying blush. The oval shape, soft bristles and easy-to-hold handle provide great control and make buffing a breeze.

Eye Shadow Brush

A fluffy, longhaired shadow brush is perfect for laying down a base color on your eyelid and blending in the crease.

Fan Brush

This brush is the most multitasking of the bunch. The flat shape is perfect for dusting on light powder under the eyes to set concealers and works well for creating soft contours using bronzer and highlighter.