Makeup Musts + Exclusive Q&A

by The Zoe Report

For today’s story, I had the sweet pleasure of interviewing someone you may already be very familiar with…my incredible makeup artist, Joey Maalouf, along with his brother, Elie! As my close friend and beauty guru for years, I can honestly say that there is no one in the world I would trust more to create a flawless face than Joey. From sultry smoky eyes to red carpet-worthy lips, he is a legit makeup master…and now you can channel his and his brother’s expertise yourself with the duo’s newly-launched cosmetic line, Maalouf Beauty!

RZ: Okay first of all, something The Zoe Report readers would love to know—how did you guys get started as makeup artists? EM: The first time I ever set foot on a photoshoot, I knew then that makeup was how I wanted to spend my professional career. My mom and my sister were the best guinea pigs! JM: Watching my brother glam my mother and sister inspired me, I was enamored by the idea of changing someone’s face. My first makeup application was at the early age of 15 on a high school friend. The first stroke of a brush to her face lit an excitement in me that is still burning high today.

RZ: How was your new professional line, Maalouf Beauty, born? What is it all about? EM & JM: It was a few years ago, we were conversing about our favorite products and who the Maalouf Beauty girl really is. It was then that we realized that we don’t have just one woman in mind. We’re always in search of a way to please every woman—the love we have for making woman look and feel their best led us to create the most uncomplicated method of glamour, thus the birth of The Essentials. It consists of five steps: 1. Invisible powder, which can be used on the darkest to the lightest shades of skin; it gives the skin a clean and fresh look. 2. A dual-ended Black Eye Pencil for smudgy, soft smoky looks. 3. Black liquid eye liner infused with bioboost complex which stimulates hair follicles and creates a base for thicker lashes. 4. Black Mascara that brings lashes into sharp, high definition focus, that lengthens and defines. 5. Clear lip gloss, never sticky or tacky and includes Vitamins A and E to protect lips.

RZ: The runways always inspire mah-jor beauty looks—do you have any favorite makeup trends for spring? JM: Think outside the box. A touch of clear lip gloss on the eyelids will make anyone sexy. EM: Black liquid liner is always a spring runway hit à la Brigitte Bardot.

RZ: For a makeup addict, going out on the town with just a clutch can be a challenge—you have to narrow down your beauty bag to only a few things! In that scenario, what one or two makeup picks do you recommend? JM: Invisible powder, to be sure your skin always looks fresh and flawless. EM: Clear lip gloss, if your makeup is done correctly it’s all you need.

RZ: Can you give my readers one insider beauty tip or trick of the trade? EM & JM: Think of The Essentials being your black dress—it’s a must have, anything else is an accessory. The Essentials work on everybody at any age or skin color. Shadow and lip color trends come and go but The Essentials are TIMELESS!

RZ: What advice would you give to a budding makeup artist? EM: Instincts to me are major! I allow the persons face and energy to direct my talent. With that in mind I approach every face in a different way. Just like a tailor would approach each hem for your height. I tailor my talent to find the most gorgeous version of a woman’s face. With this approach you will have your clients excited for what you’ll make them look like next. JM: BE YOURSELF and allow yourself to make mistakes…that is how your makeup will come into its own. Makeup is like designing a dress, it’s all about proportion and balance.

Availability: Maalouf Beauty Essentials Package ($126). Available exclusively at Maaloufbeauty.com.