Lizzo Using Aloe Vera To Heal A Sunburn Is The Most Relatable Thing You’ll See Today

It’s also hilarious in Lizzo fashion.

Lizzo poses for a sunlit selfie

Lizzo is always one to keep it real and her latest TikTok video is yet another indication that she’s really just one of us. In it you’ll see the Good As Hell singer using aloe vera to help heal a sunburn. The caption of the video, which reads "Not the aloeussy," might ring a bell — it’s a play on a line from her most recent chart-topping hit, About Damn Time. In the 40 second clip, the singer dons a lightweight gray robe, with her hair pulled back, and sporting makeup-free skin. She proceeds to smear globs of pure aloe vera (straight from the plant) all over her face.

In the video, the singer asks "How do I turn this into something I put on my face?" to camera, inviting fans to weigh in on the topic. The process seems to get messier and messier the more she attempts to smear around the thick gel. It’s obviously amusing the singer as she can’t help but laugh. “Is this how you do it?” she giggles. As it turns out, Lizzo was right on track when using the natural ingredient to help heal her scorched skin. “Aloe vera contains the natural compound aloin, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits,” explains esthetician and founder of Beauty Magnet Liz Kennedy. “When applied topically this helps reduce redness and irritation and soothes the skin simultaneously.”

As for applying aloe vera, you can take Lizzo’s lead by breaking off a piece and applying the goopy gel from the plant directly to your face. “If you want to be really bouji, the way I do it is I mix it with ice in a blender and then freeze into ice cubes, as it works great in the am as well to reduce puffiness or irritation from retinol,” Kennedy notes to TZR. “The good thing about aloe is that you’ll feel immediate results in terms of a cooling effect,” explains the pro. It also gives a major hydration boost and can be used to help heal other wounds, like burns.

“I love [to use it] AM or PM before my skin care routine or when I need a skin refresh, [and] now that it’s summer it will definitely be in my beach bag, too,” confirms Kennedy. You can always plant some aloe vera in your garden but if you prefer the store bought kind, keep scrolling to shop.

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