Mermaid Mane

by Tyler Love

Last summer, when I first discovered LiQWd, I relied on their game-changing products to keep my hair voluminous and conditioned. This time around, they have wowed me again with The Perfect Wave—a texturizer for your tresses that creates unparalleled beach-sexy ripples, without the crunch! Ba-na-nas.

If achieving a mermaid-inspired mane seems like an impossible mission, I’m here to tell you that it can be done with this god-send styling product. True to its name, The Perfect Wave untames your locks for a ‘do that is breezy, shiny and full of body, aka, perfectly imperfect. Want to test the waters? Scrunch a dime-sized amount of this cream into your whole head of hair, then curl a few pieces with a round wand and—bam!—brilliantly tousled beach hair. xoRZ

Availability: LiQWd The Perfect Wave ($22). For additional information, visit Liqwd.com.

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