The Lipstick Crimes You’re Committing

You may have left the house with a perfect pout but once you’ve sipped a few glasses of eggnog, lip color tends to smudge, making its way onto your teeth or, even worse, drying out. Yuck. We think your kisser should be—well—kissable all night long so we put together a few key tips to ensure you’re rocking the best shade and that it lasts as long as the party does. Follow our advice and you will be prepared for a spot under the mistletoe or for the clock to strike midnight on New Year’s Eve. Happy New Year indeed.

You're Under Arrest!

Photo: Adam Katz Sinding

Curate The Perfect Pairing

The problem: Your metallic party dress and high-shine lip combo has left you looking like a walking disco ball.

The solution: If your outfit is packed with shimmer or sequins, keep your lips matte to maintain balance.

Keep It On Your Lips—Not Your Teeth

The problem: After a series of smiles you sent your crush's way, you realize that there was lipstick on your pearly whites the entire time. Yikes.

The solution: Keep your lipstick on your pucker—not your teeth. After applying lipstick, rest your finger on the inside of your lips, purse your lips around it and pull out your finger in order to remove excess color.

Photo: Prabal Gurung Spring 2014

Make It Last

The problem: Your lipstick was on point an hour ago, but now it's starting to feather and crack. S.O.S.!

The solution: Applying a lip primer before your lipstick increases its staying power and will create a moisturized base that keeps your lips from drying out. Lip liner will prevent your lipstick from feathering and—bonus—when in a shade darker than your lipstick, it's a quick fix for plumping up the volume.

Keep Your Skin Tone In Mind

The problem: Believe it or not, some reds are just not made for your skin tone. In fact, the one you're wearing today washes you out. So not chic.

The solution: If you have fair skin with pink undertones, opt for a blue-red shade—it'll keep you from looking washed out. Fiery reds look gorgeous against warm, medium complexions. If you have deep skin, reach for a raspberry-red hue. The bold pop of color is so flattering.

Don't Overdo It

The problem: You've teamed your dramatic smoky eye with a vibrant lip shade and you now resemble an '80s prom queen.

The solution: Pair sparkly party eye makeup with a creamy nude lip for a classy outcome.