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Kylie Jenner Says Fragrance Is Her Most-Worn Accessory

She’s adding perfume to her beauty empire.

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Kylie Jenner has seemingly conquered every major facet of the beauty industry. There’s Kylie Cosmetics, her namesake makeup empire, Kylie Skin, an expansive assortment of skin care products, and Kylie Baby, a collection of gentle hair and body care products for kids. Excluding a limited-edition collaboration with big sister Kim Kardashian’s former KKW Beauty brand in 2019, fragrance has been the major missing piece —until now. Jenner is introducing her first-ever perfume called Cosmic Kylie Jenner.

For Jenner, fragrance has always been personal, which is why she took her time — over two years to be exact — developing Cosmic. She wanted the perfume to reflect herself while simultaneously providing fans with an alluring scent unlike any they’ve ever worn. “I wanted to create something that was really unique in all aspects, from the scent to the bottle,” Jenner tells TZR. “It has some of my favorite notes like star jasmine and vanilla musk. Including vanilla in my first fragrance was important to me because I naturally gravitate towards vanilla scents.”

Along with her aforementioned favorite notes, the juice includes a blend of blood orange, golden amber accord, red peony accord, and cedarwood. The result is a sweet, warm scent that is unique yet familiar, which is where its name and color-shifting sculptural bottle come into play. “I wanted something out of this world and that’s how the name Cosmic came about and the bottle [design],” Jenner says.

Keep reading for more behind-the-scenes details on making Cosmic, along with the scent stories that make up Jenner’s life.

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The Cosmic Testing Process

“We went through 15 rounds of testing with my internal team and perfumers, and Cosmic was always our favorite option. I felt a lot of pressure making my first fragrance. I loved it [the final version] so much, but I wanted everyone else to love it, too. So I sent it to my [wider] Kylie Cosmetics team and we let everyone blindly rate them and Cosmic was just number one for everybody. After that, I felt validated.

“Once I thought it was going to be the final scent, I felt like I need to test wearing it out. About two years ago, my friend and I were going out one night and we both wore it to see if we got compliments. So we doused ourselves in the fragrance. At the end of the night, she told me she got so many compliments on it and I did, too. I felt so good in it and so confident in it. So I knew that was it, and I pressed go.”

The Role Scent Plays In Her Life

“Fragrance is the finishing touch for me. It’s an accessory; I wear it every day and I feel like it becomes a part of you. I’m someone who sticks with one perfume because I like people to become familiar with my scent and for it to evoke a feeling every time I walk into a room.”

The Scent Of Comfort

“The scent of comfort is my home. No candle burning, just what my house naturally smells like. When I leave for work for a week and come back, it’s very comforting.”

The Scent Of Nostalgia

“Definitely florals because my mom always wore a floral fragrance when I was growing up. It definitely inspired Cosmic in a lot of ways.”

The Scent Of Creativity

“Creativity is fresh ideas and being inspired. It smells like my office [chuckles].”

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