How To Master Bombshell Waves

Low-maintenance ponytails and cool side braids are what summer hair is all about, but for a special dinner or night on the town, embrace beachy, bombshell-worthy waves for a sultry look. Need a refresher on this classic hairstyle? Today Sophie Elkus of AngelFoodStyle and Joico hair stylist Eric Mayes take you back to basics in preparation for the summer date nights ahead.

Get The 5-Minute Look

Photos: Stephen Busken

You'll Need

Step 1: Prep Hair

Start with relatively straight hair, brushed out and parted according to your preference. If hair is too clean or straight spray Instant Refresh dry shampoo at the roots for added grip.

Step 2: Add Volume

Add volume to strands with Power Whip mousse, which is made with plum kernel oil for enhanced moisture and heat protection. Apply a quarter-size amount evenly, all over strands.

Step 3: Create Sections

Clip the top section of hair up and away, leaving the bottom layer ready for heat styling. Grab hair in 1 to 2 inch sections and smooth with hands in preparation.

Step 4: Create Waves

Wrap sections around a 2” curling iron, leaving a couple of inches out at the bottom for a more natural, beachy look. Hold for 10 seconds and then release.

Step 5: Add Definition

Curl a few sections with a 1” curling iron for added dimension and definition. Alternate the direction in which you wrap the curl every time as well.

The Final Look

Once you’ve wrapped every section with one of the two curling irons, set hair with Power Spray finishing spray allover.

Style It With

Take an LBD to a more girly place with jeweled accessories and pops of burgundy and pink.