How To Score Rachel’s Boho Braid

Our Editor In Chief is quite the ambassador of bohemian style, whether she is rocking a missoni crochet dress or an ethereal caftan, so when she strolled into the office with this effortless braid we had to recreate it. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to score the easy summer look that works post-pool, post-beach or for the ubiquitous humid hair day.

Step 1

Textured Hair

The style works best on air-dried hair, whether you need to add a little dry shampoo or salt spray to achieve that texture is up to you.

Step 2

Front Section

Use a deep side part, and section off the front 3 inches of hair.

Step 3

Braid To The Ear

Using the traditional french braiding technique (gradually incorporate more hair as you lengthen the braid), continue until just behind the ear and fasten with a hair tie.

Step 4

Wrap The Elastic

Using a ribbon of hair from the subsequent ponytail, wrap it around the hair elastic so that it is concealed, then use a bobby pin to secure.

Step 5

Larger Braid

Using the rest of the head of hair, separate into three sections, using the ponytail from the mini braid as one section.

Step 6

Get Twisting

Twist each piece of hair before you incorporate it into the braid, this adds to the unkempt, beachy vibe of the look.

Step 7

Fasten With Elastic

Fasten the full braid with an elastic.

Step 8

Scrunch and Tease

Add a lived-in feel by gently teasing and loosening the braid, pulling out a few strands and adding volume to the tail.

Final Product

The final look is intentionally undone. We suggest pairing with a Rachel-approved combination of a stained lip, oversized glasses and a printed maxidress.

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