How To Revive Your Dry Summer Skin

Baking in the summer sun can wreak havoc on our skin (yet, we do it anyway). But if your complexion is feeling dry and dull, slathering on your day-to-day products simply won’t get the job done–the trick is to exfoliate and start with a clean slate. Here, we introduce 3 exfoliator and hydrator duos that breathe new life into your skin. Out with the old and in with the new.

Photo: @bellahadid

For Dehydrated Skin

An old-school apricot scrub is an excellent way to slough off dead skin–just be sure to use it gently. Follow with a repairing balm to calm inflammation and increase moisture in the skin.

For Oily Skin

This rice enzyme powder gently exfoliates, smooths, and brightens skin while removing dirt and oils. When skin is dry and dehydrated, it overproduces oil which causes breakouts. Combat this by, yes, adding oil.

For Mature Skin

The pumpkin enzyme mask packs a powerful punch—and it smells great too. Paper masks are convenient and loaded with active ingredients. Throw one on and relax (did we mention this also keeps you young too).