Tips For A Successful Winter Tan

Thomas Kletecka/BringIntoBeing

Thanks to the highly developed and super impressive market of spray and self tanning products, rocking a pale complexion in the dead of winter is a thing of the past. Today, we’re showing you light-skinned gals how to get gorj, radiant skin during the chilly seasons ahead sans orange, splotchy stems. A fierce, faux glow awaits you!

How To Self Tan In Winter

Tip 1: Prepping Your Skin

Soap and Glory Body Polish, $20

Exfoliating is key in achieving an even tan while fake baking. Investing in a tried-and-true body polish or all-over exfoliator will not only ready your skin for the best faux winter glow, this showertime staple aids in removing dead skin cells and will keep your skin looking (and feeling) refreshed all winter long.

Tip 2: Don't Overdo It

James Read Gradual Tan for Body in Light, $32

Although it might be tempting to channel your inner Brazilian babe, be cautious not to overdo a faux glow in winter. By self tanning gradually and sticking to the recommended formulas (light skinned ladies should be using formulas fit for fair faces), you can avoid a carrot-like complexion. For best results, we trust gradual color potions like this one from James Read.

Tip 3: Avoid Splotchy Application

Tarte Brazilliance Mitt Duo, $12

Say no to streaky stems by opting to invest in a mitt applicator. This handy helper absorbs excess product while providing a smooth, even surface for easier application. Plus, you won't have to deal with splotchy hands or wrists. Trust us, this is a necessary investment.

Tip 4: Make It Last

Ren Ultra-Moisture Body Oil, $65

As your spray tan or at-home glow fades, you can expect some areas of your tan to lighten while others hold color—so not chic. Avoid patchy wear-off to your best ability by staying hydrated and moisturized. While a body butter or lotion will do the trick, we trust an oil like this one best to assure your skin is left feeling supple and soft, which will decrease the likeliness of a cheetah-like appearance.