How To Grow Out Your Bangs

2014 Adam Katz Sinding

So you’ve taken the plunge and chopped bangs, but they’re getting long, and you’re not sure you’re committed to keeping them—so what’s next? Turns out there are ways to work unintentionally (and annoyingly) longer bangs to your advantage with a few simple styling tricks. We tapped hairstylist extraordinaire (and founder of ManeAddicts.com) Jen Atkin to give us tips on how to gracefully grow out your fringe so chronic bad-bang days are a thing of the past.

Rock Long Bangs Like A Pro

Photo: Adam Katz Sinding


"While patience is key, completely ignoring your bangs as they grow out isn’t a good look. Go to an experienced stylist who can shape them without taking off length so they can be easily styled to the side. This usually means removing weight to make then blend nicely into the rest of your hair."

Photo: Vanessa Jackman


"Blow-dry your bangs with an Ibiza boar bristle brush and a Harry Josh dryer, making sure the brush is positioned on top of your bangs and the blow-dryer nozzle is directed towards the nose. When you get to the ends, twirl the brush back in the direction of your ear in a swooping motion. Mist with Oribe hair spray, then let bangs set into place by pinning with no-crease clips as you get ready for the day. When you release the clips, you should have a nice, sweeping side bang."


"If bangs get too unruly, be creative with how you style them. Braids and decorative hair accessories can be your best friend! I love headbands, pins and clips from Jennifer Behr, Lelet, Aura Headpieces and Yummii."


"Contribute to the grow-out process by taking hair growth-enhancing vitamins. I suggest Viviscal, Biosil and Phylia de M. for fast and healthy hair growth."

Photo: Adam Katz Sinding