How To Go Longer Without Washing Your Hair

by Stephanie Montes

How long have you gone without washing your hair? We’ve heard every response from 1 day to a full week. If you’re wondering how that is even possible, we have a few tips to save your hair from some serious wear and tear. Now you can have great hair and do your part to help the drought (we’re talking to you, Californians).

Photo: @valentinazelyaeva

Make Each Shampoo Count

Every time you shampoo, make sure you're getting it as clean as possible so you can go longer before needing to do it again. Use a deep-cleansing scalp shampoo to remove oil, product buildup and sweat.

Combat Greasy Roots

A powdered dry shampoo works to soak up oils without leaving behind a thick residue. Massage it into the scalp to get lots of volume.

Make It Smell Good

A few spritzes of a fresh hair perfume gets your hair smelling like new again. For the best results, spray it on the ends, instead of at the root (you don't need anything weighing your hair down right now).

Experiment With New 'Dos

Whether you're craving the look of a bohemian braid or prefer a sleek ponytail, a hairstyle that pulls hair out of your face hides all traces of dirty hair.

Embrace Oily Hair

If your hair is feeling greasy, why fight it? Instead, apply a nourishing oil from roots to ends and go for the wet look. No one will know you haven't washed it in days.