Is Sugar Spray The New Salt Spray?

by Stephanie Montes

Our love for sea-salt spray runs deep–anything that gives our hair texture and waves for days remains forever on our must-have list. But right now there’s a new product that has captured our attention–the texturizing sugar mist. These products essentially give you the same lived-in effect, but the texture is completely different, so you can decide which works for you. If you prefer an end result that is softer than the sometimes crunchy effect of a salt spray, opt for a sugar spray packed with moisturizing sugar-cane extract and sea kelp for a shiny and hydrated wave–and don’t worry, it won’t feel sticky. We’re predicting big things for sugar sprays, so we suggest adding one to your arsenal pronto.

Sweet Definition Texturizing Sugar Mist, Keratin Complex, $20, Amazon

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