How To Get French-Girl Hair Right Now

by Stephanie Montes

There is just something about a French girl: Her charming accent, chic-without-trying-too-hard style and perfectly disheveled hair. Those of us who don’t come by that je ne sais quoi naturally have to work a little harder to cultivate the effortless cool of a born-and-bred Parisian. Rocking designer duds and speaking fluent French may require a serious commitment, but copying their fab hairstyles is more attainable. Follow these strategic tips and you too can achieve the messy-but-still-put-together ’dos French girls have mastered. C’est magnifique!

De Beaux Cheveux

Photo: @jeannedamas

The Messy Bob

Nothing says French, cool-girl hair more than a messy, I-woke-up-like-this bob. Add texture into your hair by spritzing with a texturizing spray and scrunching with a wax pomade.

Photo: @actuml

The Shaggy Fringe

So you just got bangs and now you're wondering how to style them. The American way to do it would be to blow-dry them with a round brush until they're perfectly voluminous and in place. The French away: apply a leave-in conditioner to wet hair and towel dry. Voila!

Photo: @jeannedamas

The Natural Wave

This look is by far the easiest to achieve. Rub a volumizing powder on your scalp and spritz with a sea salt spray. Tightly tie into a high bun and keep in place until you have gotten dressed and done your makeup. Let hair down and finger comb to create a more lived-in look.

Photo: @actuml

The Too-Cool-To-Care Curl

A mix between disheveled and fabulous, this look can score you a head seat at the cool kids table. Curl random pieces of air-dried hair with a variety of curling wand sizes and smooth out with a boar brush. Extra points for parting your bangs down the middle.

Photo: @jeannedamas

The Center Part

The center part is having a moment but French girls have been rocking this look for years. Part second-day hair right down the middle and seal with a shine-enhancing hairspray.

Photo: @clemence.poesy