45 Highly Rated Beauty Products That Are Amazing Bargains

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The E-beauty market has become more accessible than ever, which means these days, even small-scale beauty brands can reach tens of thousands of consumers online. Couple that with the surprisingly impressive offerings drugstore brands have been putting out lately (shoutout to modern science), and it makes sense why some of the most highly rated beauty products are actually amazing bargains. With so many options to choose from, consumers no longer need to spend $75 to get a good moisturizer; hundreds of great ones, from international brands and indie artisans alike, are all within easy reach.

To reiterate that point, you’ll find 45 of the best and most popular beauty products ahead, each of which excels in two categories: its effectiveness, and its budget-friendliness. All of these items have been lauded by thousands (or in some cases, hundreds of thousands) of Amazon reviewers, and/or are also personal favorites of our highly discerning editors. Despite all that, every product costs less than $40, with the exception of two professional-quality hair tools, which will set you back just a few extra dollars.

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This Giant Bottle Of Micellar Water With A Pump Top To Prevent Product Waste

Makeup remover doesn’t get much more classic — or effective, for that matter — than Bioderma micellar water. The French pharmacy staple has earned a cult following worldwide for its lightweight, refreshing feel and uncanny ability to wipe away a full face of makeup, all while leaving your skin feeling hydrated and soft. (It can stand in for your moisturizer on those really late nights when you can’t bear a full skin-care routine.) This giant, 16.9- ounce bottle will last you ages, and the pump-top packaging doles out just the right amount of product to prevent waste.


A Lipstick That Costs Less Than $1 — Really

When you see lipstick for less than $1, you buy it — it’s really as simple as that. Miraculously, these wet n wild lipsticks ring up at just under a buck (though a few shades will set you back an extra 70 cents or so), but they drench your lips in a wash of bold, luminous, silky color that rivals products that cost 20 times the price. The formula is impressive, too — you’ll find both antioxidants and moisturizers, like aloe and macadamia oil, in these lipsticks, so they’ll make your lips feel soft, not dry.

  • Available shades: 6


A Pack Of 5 High-Performing Makeup Sponges For Under $10

While we’re all for brand loyalty, we also believe in making smart swaps. For instance: This five-pack of makeup sponges costs a fraction of the price of a single premium makeup sponge; but, according to its 50,000+ five-star ratings, the quality is exactly the same. They’re super-soft, pick up just the right amount of product, blend seamlessly, and, as one Amazon reviewer reported, don’t deteriorate after several months of regular use. Why wouldn’t you make the switch?


These Reusable Cotton Rounds That’ll Help You Save Money Now & Later

Not only are reusable cotton rounds more environmentally friendly than disposables, but they’re much more cost-effective in the long run. Rather than needing to replenish your stash every few months, this one-time purchase will last you for three years. Made of a certified-organic bamboo-cotton blend, they’re just as soft, flexible, and strong as the disposable cotton rounds you’re used to. When it’s time to clean them, toss them in the included laundry bag so you don’t lose them in the wash.


A Multipack Of Korean Sheet Masks Infused With Skin-Softening Collagen

Think of this popular sheet mask set as the “choose your own adventure” of sheet-masking: Each one contains a different headlining ingredient with targeted benefits, like aloe (soothing), charcoal (purifying), gold (brightening), and snail essence (plumping), all with a moisturizing collagen base. These feel so soft and juicy on your face, but the material is strong enough to resist tearing and slipping — the ideal sheet mask, in other words. At just under $12 for 16 masks, you really can’t beat the value.


These Pro-Quality Makeup Brushes At An Unbeatable Price

This 10-piece makeup brush set is an absolute steal. They’re just as good as those identical oval brushes that cost 15 times the price, yet they ring up at just about $1.50 each. Ideal for blending your makeup into a pro-level finish, these brushes can be used with any sort of makeup, including powders, but you’ll find them particularly game-changing for liquids and creams. It doesn’t hurt that they look expensive, either.


3 Bottles Of Dove’s Iconic Dry Shampoo

You can never have too much dry shampoo — so stock up on this multi-pack from Dove, which contains three big bottles for just $15. This dry shampoo doesn’t just soak up oil and boost volume, but it genuinely makes your hair feel cleaner and fresher between washing days. (It smells amazing, too.) Dozens of Amazon reviewers — and there are over 15,000 of them — have called this the best dry shampoo they’ve ever used.


The Only Makeup Kit You’ll Ever Need

This all-in-one makeup kit from Physicians Formula comes with (deep breath): An eight-shade bronzer palette, a seven-shade highlighter palette, a 12-shade lip cream palette, a seven-shade blush palette, and a 24-shade eyeshadow palette — for just under $25. Everything hails from the brand’s cult-favorite Murumuru Butter collection, so the formulas are creamy, moisturizing, and rich in good-for-skin, botanically derived butters. Whether you’re building a brand-new makeup collection from scratch, enhancing your current collection, or just can’t resist high-quality products at an incredible bargain, this’ll be one of your smartest purchases of the year.


A Big Bottle Of Body Lotion For Less Than $5

You can never have too much body lotion — so why not stock up on this big, 16-ounce bottle for just $5? It’s basic in the best way, but still deeply nourishing, and it doesn’t leave behind a greasy, sticky residue. What’s not to like?


A 4-Pack Of Makeup-Removing Cloths That Work Like Magic

Each one of these miraculous cloths can be used dozens, if not hundreds, of times, so considering that you’re getting four for $10, the value simply cannot be beat. They’re capable of removing a full face of makeup using nothing but water — and according to over 14,000 Amazon reviewers, they really do work. Try them out to see what all the fuss is about for yourself.


This Giant Tub Of Face & Body Moisturizer That Keeps Skin Soft For 24 Hours

CeraVe has long been a drugstore classic, but it’s experienced a resurgence among the online set for its gentle, effective, no-frills formulas — as this big tub of moisturizing cream perfectly represents. This face and body cream contains three types of ceramides to repair the skin barrier, delivered steadily to keep your skin moisturized and protected for a full 24 hours. More to love: It’s fragrance-free, non-greasy, and bears the stamp of approval from the National Eczema Association. You’ll keep reaching for this over pricier moisturizers, guaranteed.


A Pack Of 6 Certified-Organic Lip Balms In Assorted “Flavors”

With over 13,000 five-star ratings to date, these USDA-organic lip balms have earned a loyal following for their buttery texture that genuinely makes your lips feel softer, not drier within a few minutes, as many lip balms are guilty of doing. Plus, the fruity flavors (like pomegranate, blueberry, and honey) are sweet, but not sickly or overpowering. This inexpensive order comes with six tubes, so you can keep one in your purse, desk, bedside table, and car (with more to spare).


7 Pairs Of Faux-Mink Lashes That Can Be Reused Up To 10 Times Each

There’s nothing like a pair of fluffy false eyelashes to amplify your eye makeup look — and that’s exactly what these faux-mink falsies from Veleasha do. They’re an amazing bargain, because you get seven pairs — each of which is reusable up to 10 times with proper care — for just $10. Choose from a variety of lash styles, some which skew more natural and some more dramatic.


A Bento-Inspired Blush Palette That Comes With 5 Pretty Shades

This blush palette contains five velvety, long-lasting powder blushes, ranging from coral to cherry. Don’t be put off by how vivid the shades look online — Amazon reviewers confirm that they look softer in person, not garish. You’ll also find a little blush brush nestled in the bottom tray, and a mirror in the top. Not only is this $10 purchase an amazing value, but the compact, bento-inspired packaging is ideal for travel.


A Collection Of Cult-Favorite Korean Cleansers Made With Brightening Rice Water

Moisturizing, brightening, and detoxifying, both the oil and foaming cleanser in this order can help you complete your double-cleansing routine — all without leaving your skin feeling overly dry. Both cleansers use rice water as their main ingredient, which has been used for centuries in East Asia for its brightening, softening, and overall skin-enhancing benefits. Plus, each order also includes hemp paper sheets to help blot away excess oil.


This Sleek-Looking Flat Iron That Also Creates Beautiful Waves

This popular flat iron can double as a curling iron, thanks to its extra-long, rounded plates, so you’re technically getting two tools for the price of one. The titanium plates are designed to retain your hair’s moisture and reduce unwanted frizz, leaving your hair silky-smooth and straight (or with beautiful waves) with each pass. Other intelligent design details include an adjustable temperature that dials up to 450 degrees within 15 seconds, auto shut-off for safety, and dual voltage, so you can use it anywhere in the world without a converter. At under $50 for such a high-quality tool, it’s a pretty amazing bargain.


3 Tubes Of The Cult-Favorite Lip Gloss That Feels Like Butter On Your Lips

It’s hard to overstate how good NYX Butter Gloss is. With the color payoff of a sheer lipstick, the glazed finish of a lip gloss, and the soft, creamy feel of, well, butter, it’s arguably one of the best lip products on the market. Although one tube would set you back a mere $4, why not shell out just a few more bucks for this three-pack? It comes with three of the line’s most popular colors, which happen to look gorgeous on all skin tones: Creme Brulee a vibrant peach-pink; Madeleine, a balanced mauve; and Angel Food Cake, a rich rose. Trust us — you’ll use all three shades constantly.


A Retinol Eye Cream That’s On Par With Prescription Retinoids

Though retinol skin care products can become very pricey very quickly, this cult-classic RoC eye cream proves you don’t actually have to splurge on the firming/brightening/strengthening/does-it-all ingredient. This harnesses a pure, stable form of retinol (akin to the type you’d find in a prescription retinoid), along with a soothing mineral complex to counteract irritation. Importantly, it’s contained within an airtight, opaque package to protect the formula’s potency from degrading oxygen and UV light. Considering its thoughtful, effective formula — and its 9,000+ five-star Amazon ratings — the $17 price tag is almost too good to be true.


A 2-Pack Of Rich, Decadent Hair Masks That Help Reverse All Kinds Of Damage

Using a potent blend of almond, ceramides, and proteins, this hair mask from L’Oreal’s beloved Elvive Total Repair line works to restore up to a year’s worth of damage, making it a must for those who bleach, dye, or chemically process their hair, or have hair that’s damaged in any other way. You only need to use this rich, decadent mask once or twice a week in place of your usual conditioner (and a small amount at that), so this affordable two-pack will last you through the foreseeable future.


A Certified-Organic Rosehip Oil For Less Than $10

Rosehip oil has anti-inflammatory, hydrating, brightening, and protecting benefits due to its high concentrations of antioxidants and essential fatty acids, so it’s a failsafe for all skin types. (It’s an age-old remedy for acne, as well.) And this rosehip oil is even better than most, with its cold-pressed, unrefined, USDA-organic formula. A few drops works beautifully as a simple moisturizer; or, mix it with your favorite body lotion or face cream to create a bespoke formula. It’s a versatile, multitasking oil you’ll wind up using for everything — and you can’t beat its under-$10 price tag.


This $5 Highlighter That Rivals Its Much-Pricier Counterparts

This stunning highlighter costs just $5, so really, what do you have to lose by giving it a shot? The creamy, liquid formula leaves behind a natural-looking radiance wherever your put it, and it blends beautifully — on both bare skin and over foundation — thanks to moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E and murumuru seed butter. Choose from six luminous shades to suit all skin tones, including a bronze-y gold and holographic pearl.

  • Available shades: 6


These Eye Makeup Remover Pads That Feel Light & Refreshing, Not Greasy

A longtime cult favorite, these gentle, hypoallergenic makeup remover pads thoroughly remove all traces of eye makeup, including waterproof mascara; and they have the added distinction of feeling refreshing, not heavy and greasy like other makeup removers, thanks to the infusion of lightweight hydrators like aloe, cucumber, and green tea. Just one pack will last you months on end — take it from one of our editors, who’s used them daily for at least 10 years (as long as she’s been wearing makeup, basically) — so you’re getting so much bang for your buck with this pack of two.


A Prescription-Level Regimen For Acne-Prone Skin

Differin Gel is the most effective over-the-counter acne treatment on the market — the main ingredient, Adapalene, actually once required a prescription. If you’re dealing with frequent breakouts and are looking for a new regimen, pick up this three-piece kit: It contains the iconic Differin gel, as well as the brand’s gentle cleanser and SPF 30 daily moisturizer. So basically, you’re getting the only three products you really need for just $30.


96 Of The Best-Selling Pimple Patches People Swear By — For Under $20

Once you start using acne patches, you’ll never go back to your typical pimple cream again. These hydrocolloid patches work to absorb pus and gunk from whiteheads, while simultaneously creating a clean, airtight environment for the pimple to heal on its own — without the intrusion of oils and bacteria from the outside world, including those on your fingers. At $16, this 96-pack from Rael is a particularly great value. Plus, the order comes with two sizes (48 of each) to suit differently sized spots.


A 4-Pack Of Pro-Quality, 10-Free Nail Polishes

Getting multipacks of nail polishes is always a smart way to save, particularly if you’re a fan of luxury polishes. These four-packs of full-sized bottles from Zoya cost $15, and you can choose among four color combinations, from bright pinks and reds to moody evergreens and plums. The formulas are vegan and 10-free, and — as if you needed more convincing to buy them — professionals say that Zoya polishes are among the most long-lasting out there, too.

  • Available shades: 4


This 2-in-1 Lip Gloss That Lasts For Up To 16 Hours

There are two reasons why this Rimmel lip gloss is an amazing bargain. First, you’re technically getting three lip products for the price of one (very cheaply) — one side of the tube contains a lipstick-like pigment, and there’s a clear gloss on the other, so you can wear each one separately or layered together. Second, the color and gloss lasts for up to 16 hours when worn together (the gloss acts as a top coat), a longevity on par with a liquid lipstick, so you’ll end up using less product in the long run. Choose from 12 sultry shades, like fire engine red and chic purple-mauve.

  • Available shades: 12


A Vitamin C & Niacinamide Serum For Less Than $20

Considering that most popular vitamin C serums cost well over $100, this $18 one from buzzy K-beauty brand I DEW CARE is undoubtedly an incredible value. The formula gets a boost from niacinamide, the current darling of the skin care world for its abilities to retexturize skin, regulate oil production, and improve moisture retention. Amazon reviewers praise this does-it-all serum for improving the appearance of dark spots, revitalizing dull complexions, and even quelling breakouts.


These Adorable Headbands That’ll Make Your Skin Care Routine Feel More Fun

Stretchy headbands aren’t exactly known for being expensive. Still, you can’t deny the value of this eight-pack, which has each headband ringing up at under a dollar — nor can you deny how adorable they are. The microfiber material is absorbent and gentle on hair, and they have a good amount of stretch to fit any head size. It’s a small purchase, sure, but it goes a long way in making your skin-care routine feel a bit more special. (You may even look forward to taking off your makeup.)


A Purple Shampoo & Conditioner To Maintain Your Blonde Between Salon Visits

If you have blonde, silver, or platinum hair, or blonde highlights, a toning shampoo is basically mandatory for knocking out brassy undertones. Even better? Use a shampoo and conditioner in tandem. This set from L’Oreal is very highly-rated — it has well over 25,000 perfect ratings on Amazon, and it costs about $14 for the pair. The purple pigment gets a brightening boost from hibiscus extract, and it’s free of the kinds of sulfates that can strip your hair of its dye.


30 Pairs Of Under-Eye Masks Made With Snail Essence & Gold

One would think you’d have to shell out for eye masks made with 24-karat gold, peptides, snail essence, and immunity-boosting mushroom extract, but these Mizon under-eye patches would prove one (okay, us) wrong. This $16 order comes with 30 pairs of eye patches soaked in the aforementioned serum, which has wonderful firming, brightening, and fortifying benefits. The skin beyond your eyes can reap those benefits, too — pop them around your mouth, between your eyebrows, and even on your neck.


A Pro-Level Microdermabrasion Kit For Less Than $20

Considering its low price tag, this microdermabrasion system from Neutrogena is pretty darn impressive. Included, you get both a micodermabrasion tool and 12 “puffs” that are made with teeny tiny crystals to exfoliate your skin like a pro facialist would. You simply attach one of the puffs to the head of the tool, turn the power on, and massage your skin for up to two minutes. The result? A soft, luminous, glowing complexion.


An Equally Effective Alternative To Pricey Drying Lotions

Certain prestige drying lotions ring up at over $20, but this one, from Bye Bye Blemish, works just as well, yet costs a fraction of the price. Made with pore-clearing salicylic acid and soothing zinc oxide, this handy pink liquid helps heal and purify your blemishes overnight. Just dip a Q-tip into the bottle — don’t shake it! — and apply directly onto any unwanted spots on your skin.


A Grooming Kit With Every Tool You Could Ever Need

In this $14 set, you’ll get every tool you could ever need to groom your nails and toenails at home. Some of these products are handy for other purposes, too, like the tweezers and scissors — useful for doing your brows — and the extraction tools for blackheads and blemishes. This 18-piece set comes packaged in a sleek case that makes it easy to travel with, especially because it’s so lightweight and thin.


The Best-Selling Hair Tool That May Literally Change Your Life

The iconic Revlon One-Step is perhaps the best investment anyone with hair (that grows beneath their ears, at least) could ever make. The blow-drying brush styles, smooths, and volumizes your hair all at once — and it couldn’t be easier to use, even if you don’t have any hair-styling skills to begin with. Considering how much money you’ll save on blowouts at the salon, this one-time, under-$50 purchase couldn’t be more worth it.


A Gorgeous Eyeshadow Palette With Over 16 Complementary Colors

Get 16 stunning eyeshadows for less than $15 with this budget-friendly palette from NYX. Each compact contains a host of complementary shades, whether you go for Warm Neutrals (pictured), Utopia — a fun collection of mostly oranges and greens — or Festival Edition, an assortment of bright reds, yellows, pinks, and purples that’ll inspire your creative side. Over 15,000 Amazon reviewers gave this palette a five-star rating.

  • Available shades: 9


An Under-$40 Alternative To A Mason Pearson Brush

Though nearly $40 may seem like a lot to spend on a hair brush, the Denman large brush costs a fraction of the price of a Mason Pearson, so it’s actually a great bargain if you’re looking to invest in a quality brush that’ll last you a lifetime (and with proper care, it really will). It’s made of both boar and nylon bristles to detangle and distribute the oils from your scalp, so your hair will look silky and smooth with each pass.

One Amazon reviewer wrote, “This brush has really changed my hair, i didn't think a brush could make such a big difference, but it makes my hair look so smooth instantly, more than any hair products i use, its amazing! Using it at the roots really massages the scalp as well, which is good for hair growth and health. It also distributes hair sebum down the hair shaft, making it look shinier, and the bristles catch any dust and dirt in your hair, so in short it actually does more than any serums or sprays you put on your hair, really a must have!”


This Under-$5 Foundation That’s Impressively Good

Easily one of the best foundations you can buy for less than $10, Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation mattifies your skin and softens the appearance of your pores while creating an overall more even-looking complexion. Made with smoothing dimethicone and oil-absorbing clay, this foundation has an impressive 40-shade range. If your skin is dry rather than oily, consider the brand’s equally great (and just as affordable) Dewy + Smooth foundation instead.

  • Available shades: 40


2 Bottles Of Garnier’s Fan-Favorite Leave-In Conditioning Cream

Garnier Sleek & Shine Leave-In Conditioning Cream is a drugstore classic — and at just $6 for two huge bottles (10 ounces each), you can’t beat the price. This moisturizing cream smooths and prevents unwanted frizz, repairs split ends, and gives hair a shiny finish — all while smelling like heaven.


An 11-Piece Set To Take Your At-Home Spa Days To The Next Level

Take your at-home facials to the next level with this 11-piece masking set. In here, you get a bowl to mix up clay masks (or other DIY face masks), three measuring spoons, two silicone applicator tools, a spatula, a soft brush, a cleansing puff, and two clear containers (including one spray bottle), which are handy for travel. All of that, for just $5.


A 3-Pound Bag Of Lavender-Scented Epsom Salt At A Steal Of A Price

Love to take baths? Then add this lavender-scented epsom salt to your cart ASAP. This $5 bag contains a whopping 3 pounds of bath salts, which are ideal for nighttime use thanks to their relaxing lavender scent. Epsom salt is great for sore muscles, too, so these budget-friendly salts will help soothe both your body and mind.


The Waxing Strips With Over 10,000 5-Star Amazon Reviews

People are surprisingly passionate about these Nad’s waxing strips — and their $6 price tag probably has something to do with that. Gentle and easy to use, these hypoallergenic strips are ideal for removing both short and long unwanted hair from your face, if you’re someone who chooses to groom that area. In this kit, you’ll get 20 strips and four calming wipes to use after your waxing session. No mixing, no heating, no messes involved — couldn’t be simpler.


A Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set For Just $10

Jade rollers and gua sha tools can set you back $50 a pop, or more — why is why this best-selling set is such a great find. For just $10, you’ll get both tools, which are ideal for giving yourself an aesthetician-worthy face massage at home (or anywhere). If you’re heard about the practice but aren’t that familiar, you can read more about the benefits (and history) of gua sha, here.


2 Satin Pillowcases That Are Healthier For Your Skin & Hair

If you don’t think pillowcases could count as a beauty product, think again: Silk or satin pillowcases can improve both your skin and hair since the material is so gentle. In the hair department, they’ll help prevent tangles, knots, and damage, since they produce less friction, and they’ll also ensure you don’t wake up with any creases on your skin. It doesn’t hurt that they look luxurious, either. and at just $10 for a set of two, you can’t beat the price. No wonder over 150,000 (!!!) Amazon reviewers left them a glowing review.


A Lustrous Lip Gloss For Less Than $5

A shiny, lustrous lip gloss for less than $5? What more is there really to say. Sold in 25 gorgeous shades both neutral and bold, this Rimmel gloss feels moisturizing rather than sticky, and stays on for up to 6 hours, whether worn alone or on top of lipstick. Impressively, it’s been awarded over 12,000 five-star ratings on Amazon thus far.

  • Available shades: 25


2 Massive Bottles Of Castile Soap, Which Can Be Used For Literally Everything

If you’re a part of the Dr. Bronner’s fan club, you know how hard it is to finish a single bottle of the stuff, let alone two — so this order of two, 32-ounce bottles will have you covered for at least the next year, if not more. This hemp lavender version has a gentle earthy scent that smells just as lovely on your body as it does your dishes, kitchen counter, and clothes, or wherever else you choose to wash with this does-it-all soap.

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