Lady Gaga’s Makeup Artist Shares Her “Number One” Beauty Tip

Haus Laboratories’ Sarah Tanno spills her eyebrow secrets.

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Courtesy of Haus Laboratories
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The first thing that Sarah Tanno, Lady Gaga's longtime makeup artist and the global artistry director at Haus Laboratories, tells TZR over email is that brows are “really personal” — an idea that’s baked into Haus Laboratories' new Edge Precision Brow Pencil launch. “Before I start any look, the brows are always the anchor [as they] really frame your face,” she explains. “Over the years, Gaga’s brows have taken so many different forms, shapes, and shades, and we have really embraced them all.”

Sound familiar? Even if you haven’t personally followed some of the more avant-garde brow trends à la Gaga, you’ve probably found time changing how you approach the face-framing feature — and the new slim precision pencil, out March 9, is here for any and all styles. 13 shades are available at $20 a pop, including multiple shades for red hair and a true, neutral black. Notably, the brand’s first brow product is incredibly easy to hold, long and slender enough to artistically draw on hair-like strokes, and sports a texture that blends into your natural brows, creating subtle, defined enhancement.

Which is the trend of the moment, as you undoubtedly already know (or have tried). “I’m really loving this idea of a free-spirited brow. It’s more of a soft beauty brow look, which is something that Gaga is wearing right now. No hard lines, just fluid, soft, fluffy brows,” says Tanno.

Courtesy Of Haus Laboratories

The makeup artist’s top trick works with any style, though. “Before I get into the makeup look, I always start with the brows. That’s my number one tip,” she continues. “If you end up building a stronger brow, then the makeup should be a bit softer. Brows are really the foundation of your makeup look. Gaga’s brows have definitely inspired many iconic looks I’ve created along the way.”

Another pro move to keep in mind: Invest in multiple brow product shades. “Right now, we are creating a more natural look, using two different shades of The Edge Precision Brow Pencil,” Tanno explains. “This will allow you to create a subtle ombré brow, adding dimension that frames your whole face. Go one shade lighter on the thicker part of your brow, towards your nose, and then continue with your matching shade for the rest.”

That way, you’ll have natural-looking brows whenever you want them — and have the tools you need for artsy looks when the inspiration strikes. Shop the new Haus Laboratories Edge Precision Brow Pencil by clicking the link below.

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