Treat Your Tresses

by Tyler Love

Sure, you already have a plan of attack for keeping your skin safe from the sun this summer…but what about your hair? Your gorgeous tresses need protection too! That’s where Hamadi Beauty’s Shea Spray comes into play with a de-frizzing, heat protective formula that your locks are going to love

Boasting the clever motto, “Tested on Actresses, Never on Animals”, you would be hard-pressed to find a better product to put on your head this summer. Made with 100% organic ingredients, including essential rosewood and clary sage oils, this invigorating spritz fortifies and smoothes your hair for a shiny, non-greasy finish. Next level. One of many praiseworthy hair helpers by my friend Jamal Hammadi, I urge you to also treat your tresses to his Hair Mask and Healing Serum. Always be kind to your mane, it is your greatest accessory! xoRZ