9 Easy Halloween Nails Designs To Recreate For Spooky Season

Ghosts, pumpkins, and more.


With October quickly coming to an end, the next few days are all about embracing spooky season via your beauty looks. In addition to creative makeup, there are plenty of easy Halloween nail designs to copy. From cute ghosts to scary monsters, keep clicking for a dose of mani inspiration.


Spider Webs

Your orange nail polish deserves some love during October. Kick things up a notch by painting spider webs over the striking shade.

Ghost Friends

The exciting part about ghost nail art is you can draw whatever face you’re feeling. Sad, scared, happy — it’s totally up to you.

Spooky Spider

Even if you have a fear of spiders IRL, there’s no denying they make for a fun nail design. Paint one on each finger, or just go for a big statement spider on your accent finger.

Scary Monster

Feeling up for a nail challenge? This detailed monster design will definitely allow you to tap into your inner artist. Opt for neon polish to ensure everyone will lock eyes with your impressive design.

Easy French Mani

There’s no need to get super complicated when it comes to Halloween nail art. Instead of your go-to white French mani, pull out a festive orange shade. And if you want a little something extra, draw a web on one of your nails.

Drops Of Blood

This one is for the folks who watch scary movies outside of October: Bloody nails. Grab your deep red polish and carefully add a few drops on each nail for a cool drip effect.

Glitter Galore

If you don’t feel confident in your design skills, stick with a festive glitter manicure. Choose sparkly black, orange, or both if you’re feeling wild.

Design On Design

Can’t choose a design? Go for them all! Draw a different symbol on each nail for the ultimate Halloween manicure.

Add Some Color

If bright orange isn’t your jam, not to worry. Try out a unique Halloween French manicure by opting for a different bold shade on each nail, like purple, red, pink, and blue. To give it a spooky feel, paint on some cute ghosts.


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