5-Minute Halloween Makeup That Is Guaranteed To Snap Some Necks At The Party

Prepare to win an award.

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Doing intricate makeup for Halloween can feel a lot like third-period art class. Oftentimes, you go into it with a detailed vision in your head, and in the end, the results don’t resemble what you were initially envisioning in the slightest. Been there? If so, consider leaning on some easy Halloween makeup ideas this year. With a little guidance, these simple looks can be put together in a pinch.

This month allows you to get creative with your beauty, regardless of your skillset. Even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, you’ll be able to tackle some of the Halloween makeup ideas below. From a fallen angel to chic Hollywood glam, prepare to arrive at your party with the best makeup look (and have everyone clamoring to know how you did it). Even better news: Most of the beauty products required for these costumes ideas are probably sitting around your room right now (think: red lipstick, black eyeshadow, false eyelashes).

Below, get ready to have a ball this Halloween with these seven makeup looks that range in skill from beginner to amateur makeup artist territory. Pro tip: Keep makeup wipes within reach just in case you need to take a second stab at it (no shame!).

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The Joker

Jokers fan, this one is for you: This year, dress up as your favorite DC character. Makeup-wise, the makeup is fairly simple. Most importantly, you’ll need green and purple eyeshadows. For the green, take a shadow brush and apply the product to your brows. Then, take the purple pigment and tap it onto your lids. Finish off with a striking red lip and you’re set. Bonus points for strong black liner and mascara.

Fallen Angel

Whether you’re going for an ethereal angel or an edgier version, the makeup look should be the definition of glamourous. For a fallen angel costume (like the one above), take a shadow stick, like Laura Mercier’s iteration, and apply the color all around the eyes making a thick cat-eye finish. Don’t hold back here — the more dramatic, the better. Next up, layer your blush until you get a bold finish that screams angelic. And for your pout, swipe on a gloss for a sultry spin. Pair it all with a feathered headband and *boom*, you’re ready to head out the door.


Steady hands are a must here, but if you have an ultra-fine tip liquid liner, you’re halfway there already. For this type of look, the essential products are different colored eyeliners. You can go with as many hues as you wish, but ideally, two is a good starting point. You can draw the webs on your eyes or cheeks — it’s up to you — drawing the larger lines first and then connecting them with a shallow “U” shape. Complete the makeup with lots of blush and a bold lip.


If you don’t have a ton of products at your disposal, that’s OK. An easy solution: Dress as a daffodil. As shown above, all you really need is KVD’s Super Pomade Vegan Eyeliner, Shadow & Brow Pigment in yellow — which as the name implies, can be used on the eyes, brows, and really anywhere on the face. For this look, don’t worry about being precise. In fact, the messier you are with the product, the better. Take the look to the next level by dying your hair yellow (with semi-permanent color, of course).

Classic Hollywood Glam

For those looking for an elegant makeup look this year, you can’t go wrong with classic Hollywood glamour (think: Marilyn Monroe). Essentially, you’ll apply most of your products like you would on a normal day. For instance, fill in your brows, put on foundation, and slightly sculpt your face with blush and bronzer. But instead of mascara, throw on a pair of false lashes. As for your lipstick, go with a deep red. If you’re comfortable with a cut crease shadow, try out a deep maroon for an extra dramatic dose of glam.


Odds are, you’ve dressed as a last-minute cat in the past. This Halloween, switch things up and go as a tiger. For your makeup, you’ll need a palette with orange shades included. After using these shadows on your lids, next, go in with a liquid liner. Sure, it might be scary to put a liner anywhere other than your eyes, but a good makeup remover will do the trick after your night is over. Use this liquid liner on your nose and then down to your lips. (For more help, watch the full video above.)


This skeleton look isn’t for beginners. But, if you feel up for a challenge, give it a try! (Maybe consider a backup plan just in case.) Follow the designs above with a black liquid liner, and then go over them with black crystals. Then, finish off with a black matte lipstick and a touch of glitter. Don’t forget to snap a picture, because you’ll definitely want to share this one with your Instagram followers.