Are Braids Officially Out Of Style?

Three girls with braid buns posing with their backs turned

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good braid as much as the next beauty junkie but this season, it’s all about doing the twist. The simple—and frankly, a whole lot faster—technique is fast becoming our new favorite way to take everyday styles to the next level. While we love braids way too much to exclude them from our beauty vocabulary, we don’t always have the time to carefully weave sections of hair together. Now, classics like the ponytail and topknot are instantly updated with a simple spin of the finger.

Altuzarra's Crown Twist

This is an easy, elegant take on everyday hair. Start by rough blow drying hair and, as you do, gently twist different parts of the hair to add texture without volume. Then, take two small sections of hair from either side of the head and twist inwards before tying together with an elastic.

Photo: @moroccanoil

Public School

Over at Public School, we saw an incredible (ahem) twist on the ponytail. To try it yourself, brush hair back into a pony and secure with an elastic. Then, wrap a small section of hair around the elastic to cover it. Separate the remaining sections of hair into two and twist each one. Finally, twist the sections around each other and tie the ends with another elastic.

Photo: @aveda

Tanya Taylor

We loved the twisted topknot seen at the Tanya Taylor presentation. To get the look, twist even sections of hair upwards along the scalp and secure at the crown with bobby pins. Twist the ends into a loose topknot and secure with an elastic.

Photo Credit: @bumbleandbumble