Here’s How To Save Money And Still Indulge In All Your Beauty Services

by Stephanie Montes
Matteo Valle

We’re just going to come out and say it: Is it so bad to want to stay on top of all our nail, hair and wax appointments even though we’re on a budget? It’s no secret that beauty services are expensive but if you’re determined to look like the best version of yourself without going completely broke, we have a few tips for you. Here, eight ways to save money and look like a million bucks.


Beauty On A Budget

Some salons offer package deals that allow you to pay for multiple appointments upfront at a discounted price. Call your local salons and ask what specials they have going on. The cumulative spend might seem hefty but overall, it's more cost-effective per session to go this route if you know you'll be back.

At-home waxes have come a long way in recent years, so much so that we've braved our own DIY sessions on more than one occasion. The convenience factor and its cheaper price tag are enough to inspire even the most timid beauty novice to try it. (Just remember to be careful!) Swap your expensive wax appointment for a $9 kit—even if it’s just every other session.

Instead of going to a weekly appointment for a basic manicure, employ a few tricks that'll make it last longer. Hitting the salon twice per month is a lot cheaper than four times.

1. Wash your dishes with rubber gloves and avoid cleaning with harsh sprays.

2. Take your own polish so you can do touch-ups at home.

3. Opt out of the pre-polish soak, as this can hurt more than help. Your nails are like a sponge; they expand when soaked in water and then shrink when they dry, which can cause polish to crack.

A manicure includes nail shaping and cuticle cutting. If you're in a pinch, opt for a polish change over a full mani. You can do the same for pedicures and these can cost as little as $5—a huge savings from your double-digit full-service prices.

Most blowouts after a haircut or color are not a courtesy. Instead of paying for the stylist to dry your hair, let it air out on the ride home—especially if that's your go-to styling trick anyway (or you don't have anywhere to be immediately after). If you decide you don't like the cut or color once your hair has dried, call the salon and schedule a free follow-up appointment and have them fix anything you didn't like. But make sure to do this within days of the original visit to ensure you are not charged for this service.

Most salons have pricing based on the skill level of the stylist, and going with an apprentice will save you some cash. The upside is they're learning from the best, so the cut should still look amazing.

The fear of looking orange is enough to scare someone into booking professional tanning appointments, but the truth is it's actually very easy to DIY. Check our self-tanning tips for a step-by-step guide.

Go to less spray-tanning appointments when you use these tan-extending tips.

1. Exfoliate with an oil-free product and shave at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

2. Immediately after your spray tan, keep your body dry for at least six or eight hours—that means no sweaty workouts or showers.

3. Dry skin sheds more often, so make sure to moisturize daily to maintain the color.

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