The Beach-Babe Hair Hack Every Woman Should Be Using

by Stephanie Montes

When it comes to looking amazing on and off the sand, nobody has a more locked-in beauty routine than professional female surfers. As we learned from spending a day with hundreds of beach babes in Huntington Beach, California, for #RoxyFitness, every beauty junkie needs a few tricks up her rash-guard sleeves to overcome the sand, sun, sweat and saltwater. We tapped Roxy professional surfers Lisa Andersen and Bruna Schmitz for their go-to products and beachside beauty secrets for achieving sun-kissed skin, air-dried strands and an effortless back-from-the-beach vibe. And as it turns out, they even use the same perfect post-surf hair hack we can’t wait to try. Ahead, the best way to achieve California cool, no board required.


How To Achieve Surfer-Girl Chic On And Off The Beach

Don't Let Saltwater Dry Out Your Locks

Everyone knows that your mermaid moment of emerging from the ocean usually involves knotted hair and dry ends. But it doesn't have to.

Four-time World Surf Champion and Roxy ambassador Lisa Andersen tells us, "Keeping hair from getting too dry is a full-time job. I use It’s a 10 before and after every surf to keep my hair healthy—and it smells amazing too. To get those knots out, The Wet Brush has been a detangling miracle."

Wouldn't you know it, professional surfer and fellow Roxy ambassador Bruna Schmitz uses the same product: "At the beach, I use It's a 10 leave-in conditioner, which works amazing on salty, wet hair."

Wear A Mascara That Won't Smudge

If it works for these surfer chicks, it's sure to make it through even your hottest summer days. Lisa swears by Tarte's Lights, Camera, Splashes Waterproof Mascara. "I love that this mascara stays on and never smudges," she says.

As for Bruna: "I don’t do a lot of makeup when I go to the beach except for waterproof mascara. When I'm surfing, I always use Sumptuous Waterproof Mascara by Estée Lauder."

Lisa Andersen, Courtesy of Roxy

Stay Protected

By now we know that sun exposure can lead to early signs of aging, dark spots and sometimes worse, but we've yet to find a completely waterproof sunscreen that is comfortable to wear.

Lisa suggests the Surf Mud by EiR NYC. "It's great, smells like chocolate and stays on well. It is also made with organic ingredients, like cacao powder, beeswax and zinc. I also find that drinking tons of water and vitamin C is so helpful."

Meanwhile, Bruna admits to having a "crazy" sunscreen regimen. "My husband calls me a 'sunscreen freak,' but I have to be because I basically spend my whole life in the sun," she explains. "My favorites at the moment are La Mer's The Broad Spectrum and Obagi's Sun Shield. Another one of my favorites is Avène's Haute Protection. It's a tinted compact sunscreen that wears like makeup, so it's okay to leave it on after I leave the beach."

Ditch Chapped Lips

Is it just us or does a day at the beach always end with dry, chapped lips? Lisa swears by Milk Makeup's Hero Salve to save her lips, while Bruna packs on the Lucas' Papaw Ointment.

Bruna Schmitz, Courtesy of Roxy

Eat Like An Athlete

No matter your sport of choice, the last thing you need when you're trying to perform at your best is feeling like you had the wrong breakfast.

Before a surf, Lisa reaches for quick oats and berries with almonds, plus a cup of coffee. "After surf, I have a bigger breakfast, like poached eggs on toast with avocado and probably a huge cappuccino," she adds.

Bruna has a similar pre-beach breakfast of overnight oats or a smoothie. "After I surf I’m usually starving, so I eat a big breakfast or lunch. I love salads and veggie bowls—that’s pretty much on my everyday menu."