How To Fix Your Most Embarrassing Hair Problems

Just because we happen to know a thing or two about beauty, it doesn’t mean we don’t have our fair share of dreaded bad hair days (like those awkward growing out periods). Thankfully, due to our thorough research on the subject, we’ve gathered an arsenal to help us with everything from split ends to rough edges—and pretty much every embarrassing hair problem in between. So whatever your issue is, these miraculous products will be your ticket to totally flawless locks.


Get Flawless Locks

Split Ends

Apart from getting regular trims to rid yourself of these nuisances, there are products to help you conceal them as well. Use a softening serum to mend existing split ends and restore the condition of strands.


To help treat flakiness forming on the scalp, keep things hydrated and moisturized. Apply natural oils and nutrients directly onto a dry scalp for deep penetration and healing.


For hair that dries out easily or is subject to unruly frizz, a taming oil is necessary for a much sleeker finish. Smooth things out with a replenishing concentrate that can keep strands in place all day long.

Slow Regrowth

Growing out your hair can sometimes feel like an endless process. If growth is taking too long, kickstart the process with a dietary supplement to get more inches, stat.


Dull strands can give off a lifeless vibe. Revive your 'do with an apple cider vinegar rinse to balance out the pH levels, and in turn you're left with lustrous locks.

Oily Scalp

Oily roots can lead to overusing dry shampoo and making matters worse. Rather than increasing your product usage in an attempt to get rid of oil, use a purifying shampoo that absorbs excess sebum and leaves a sensation of freshness.

Unruly Edges

Curly and natural-haired girls understand how hard it can be to tame their edges. The tiny baby hairs along the front of the hairline can get frizzy and wild, distracting from any hairstyle. Brush them out with pomade on a toothbrush to keep them in place for hours on end.

Sparse Areas

Unfortunately, we're all prone to a little hair loss and sparseness. Conceal these spots with a tinted forming fiber that's applied to the scalp and blends into your own hair color. The result is an instantly fuller head of hair.