How A Subtle Haircut Can Totally Change Your Look

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Photos: Getty Images

The latest celeb to hop on the hair-chop wagon is this year's silver screen darling Dakota Johnson. Further proving that a bob or lob style is the cut to have in 2015, these recent photos, taken just days apart, serve as photographic evidence that chopping a few inches off your ends can completely change your look.

Sporting a near-identical uniform consisting of a striped tee, skinny jeans, loafers and a floppy hat, the effect is totally different pre- and post-haircut. Dakota's shorter, more prim 'do (seen on the right) instantly lends a more balanced effect to the look—as in, our eyes are drawn to her ensemble as a whole rather than just zeroing in on her longer (albeit gorgeous) locks on the left. With hair chopped above the shoulders the overall vibe feels effortless yet grown-up, and dare we say, more French girl-esque. If achieving a more polished look is on your spring to-do list, consider paying your hairstylist a visit—a quick chop could be just the game changer you're seeking.

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