Hair Dare: The Easiest Way To Go From Brunette To Blonde

Spring is the perfect time to lighten up, especially when it comes to your hair. Team Zoe staffer Kendall Cohan recently did just that and made the switch from brunette to blonde—but rather than going full-on platinum, she paid a visit to sought-after colorist Johnny Ramirez at Ramirez Tran to give her mane a noticeable-yet-natural overhaul.

What inspired Kendall to take the plunge? "There's always been a part of me that's wanted to go blonde—I was ready for a change and it just felt like the right time, especially with summer around the corner." Enter Johnny, renowned for his "lived-in" color that's at once natural and gorgeous—like you've spent a week at the beach for a perfectly sun-kissed effect. According to Johnny, this type of color works on all hair lengths and textures, so everyone can do their own version of the process.

As Kendall was a hair virgin (gasp!), Johnny advises to consult with your colorist first and foremost to truly understand the intricacies of a brunette-to-blonde transformation: "Ask if the process will result in high- or low-maintenance color. It's up to the woman to know if she wants to regularly maintain her roots or if she wants it to grow out looking very natural." In other words—go for a Kim Kardashian-esque overhaul if you're committed to routine root upkeep, or pull a Kendall if you're looking to keep your regimen more low-key.

Left: Kendall's hair before— a rich, medium brown. Right: Kendall mid-process in Johnny's salon chair. Photos: @kendallelisec

Johnny on his technique: "I do paper-thin highlights all throughout the head and punch up application around the face, perfectly blending the color in. This will ensure it works well with the client's natural color so you get a low-maintenance result that looks lived-in."

Kendall's new (blonder) 'do. Photos: @johnnyramirez1

To ensure the transformation to blonde is natural, have your colorist employ Johnny's thin highlighting technique, focusing especially on brightness around the face. When it comes to upkeep, this dye job is a low-maintenance girl's dream—Johnny says the older it gets, the better it looks. If you feel like it needs some routine sprucing several weeks in, simply pay your salon a visit for a gloss treatment between appointments.

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