Botox Shots Are Being Used To Extend The Life Of Blowouts

by Stephanie Montes

We’ve tried some interesting things to extend the life of our beautiful, bouncy blowouts but here’s where we become seriously intimidated. According to Fast Company, “blowtox” became a thing this summer (though it’s been around for the last five years) and is particularly common among SoulCycle members in NYC. Because Botox shots block the sweat glands (causing you to sweat significantly less), the treatment is known to keep your hair fresher for longer—no matter how intense your workout becomes. While the thought of cutting down on blow-dry sessions sounds nice enough, the visual of “several dozen” needles being inserted into the scalp should be crazy enough to scare away even the most dedicated hair junkie. Not to mention, the painful process costs $1,500 per session. If you’re still contemplating your own “blowtox” session, congratulations, you might just be even more beauty-obsessed than we are!